Connection speeds around the world... and FRIST PSOT!!!!!!!!

i live in the boonies here in leesville, louisiana. As such, i consider myself fortunate to have broadband access - something i haven't done without since DSL was first available in Los Angeles County in 1998. My cable connection out here is via suddenlink, and i've been having a at the throat war with them since i first got it installed. Basically, there's a problem with the actual connection as opposed to modem, or router, or anything. So they're sending a guy out at midnight tonight to fix it. Supposedly.

So back to the subject... I was digging around on and discovered that they have a global data speed database... which caused this conversation to occur - check it out yourself, i was just finding these facts interesting:

genewitchZero (8:54:56 PM): utah has the highest per capita upload speed in the US
sinister0 (8:55:12 PM): interesting
sinister0 (8:55:14 PM): and odd
genewitchZero (8:55:28 PM): united states has an average upstream of 938
genewitchZero (8:56:14 PM): russian federation has average upstream of 2895
genewitchZero (8:57:11 PM): australia clocks in at 438 average
genewitchZero (8:57:20 PM): oo asia.. let's see
genewitchZero (8:57:31 PM): japan
genewitchZero (8:57:32 PM): shocking
genewitchZero (8:57:34 PM): 4996
sinister0 (8:58:03 PM): figures
genewitchZero: we're not even on the top ten upstream countries
genewitchZero: there's a company called poundhost that provides 30 megabit average upstream
genewitchZero: ...
genewitchZero: japan, russia, romania, asiapacific, sweden, bulgaria, latvia, hong kong, lithuania, moldova
genewitchZero: those are the top ten average upstream countries
genewitchZero: we're the fastest overall continent, but not in the fastest of countries. genewitchZero: japan averages 10mbit downstream
genewitchZero: we ranked 10th at 4775
genewitchZero: with a continental average of 4785kbps down
genewitchZero: africa was 589
genewitchZero: it's amusing cause we're supposedly the most technologically advanced country in the world
genewitchZero: but the countries we blow the fuck up are connecting faster than us genewitchZero: oh and countries we have arms races with
genewitchZero: CAPITALISM!
genewitchZero: IT WORKS!
sinister0 (9:07:09 PM): the speed issue is due to low population density and the fact that the fcc allows that if one person in the zip code has a 144kbps connection or faster then the zip code is considered to have broadband
genewitchZero (9:07:24 PM): yah this is real world stats... as opposed to some survey
genewitchZero (9:07:32 PM): some testing site's database
genewitchZero (9:07:36 PM): i was pulling it up realtime
genewitchZero (9:07:41 PM): a lot of it makes sense though
genewitchZero (9:07:49 PM): most of the us is on dialup still i guess
genewitchZero (9:07:51 PM): like
genewitchZero (9:07:56 PM): per 1000 homes
sinister0 (9:08:53 PM): there are a lot of places in the country where your internet options are pretty much dial up or satellite
genewitchZero (9:10:09 PM): indeed
sinister0 (9:12:30 PM): we're also stifled by the fcc's opinion that cable companies versus phones companies is competition
genewitchZero (9:15:03 PM): ?
genewitchZero (9:15:07 PM): what do you mean?
sinister0 (9:18:20 PM): the fcc feels that oligopolies are okay, just not monopolies
sinister0 (9:19:10 PM): "Your cable internet suck? Switch to DSL. Your DSL suck? Switch to cable. They both suck? Well too bad, that's all the competition we're allowing"
sinister0 (9:21:57 PM): fixed wireless doesn't require building miles of hard lines. If it becomes feasible someone else may enter the market
genewitchZero (9:22:47 PM): heaven forbid the government kick back money to help it out
genewitchZero (9:23:01 PM): $1000 per square mile for fixed wireless versus what is it
genewitchZero (9:23:09 PM): $16,000 a linear mile for fiber
sinister0 (9:24:29 PM): it would be nice if the government subsidized it, but if they don't I hope they just keep out of it altogether
genewitchZero (9:25:13 PM): the government staying out of private industry that uses radio waves?

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