Another sad story of prayer

11 year old girl dies waiting for her parents prayers to be answered - a doctor and medicine could have saved her life easily.

i've been dancing around posting this for a half hour... it's got me so angry i can't even think of a way to express it.

They SHOULD remove the other kids from the parents. they'd be better off with another couple that wants to take care of a child but can't have one.

What happens when i make up a sect of christianity that says it's ok to kill non-christians in the name of god. I'd then be a holy-warrior, and immune to prosecution, right?


remove these people from society. Put them in JAIL.

An interesting note on the previous post:

To be honest, even though it was covered by a load of freshly washed towels, Psychopathia Sexualis was actually closer than the book i picked up first, by a couple of feet. But when i realized this and went back and grabbed it, i stopped. I mentioned that it was NSFW - but i don't think that's the real reason. Why did i post about having a book about anarchy but not post about having a book about Psychology - even if it is a book about sexual deviancy and sexual degenerates? I've read both almost cover to cover more than once...

I think it's strange, don't you?

On another note, this little DIY device can literally pull electricity out of thin air! and it doesn't even violate any laws of thermodynamics! I sent it over to Techskeptic, but he hasn't gotten back to me yet. I think he's a busy sort of guy...

internet book meme thing:

on whitecoatunderground, PalMD was tagged by someone to do this meme:

  • Go to page 123 of the nearest book.
  • Find the 5th sentence.
  • Write down the next 3 sentences.
so i decided to give it a shot!

"have one or two cars positioned at crucial intersections within sight of the board. The ground crew should monitor oncoming traffic and maintain radio contact with the lookout on the board. Do not use popular CB or FM channels; there are many other frequencies to choose from." - from Recipes For Disaster.
So there you have it. Pretty dull :-( Oh well, maybe next time a textbook will be closer or something. At least it wasn't... hmmm! What about the second closest book? Yeah Psychopathia Sexualis isn't safe for work, and i don't think instructional manuals and/or programming guides/textbooks would be that fascinating. Nothing like Smallpox, for sure. :-D