a more clear definition of "religious screwups"

on the common ground page i made a reference along the lines of "i blame religion for this"... taken out of context, it may seem that i'm anti-religious. the context was that of "sex as taboo" as it pertains to underage reporting of sexual abuse. Oh, i should note, i got banned from the forums. I'm still trying to figure out why, I'll copy and paste what i wrote for preservation in the next entry.

To qualify my statement, here are some links

Yeah, i was talking about the whole idea that "sex is bad" isn't something rational adults came up with. i'll say that "safe sex" with "a single, monogamous, long-ish term partner" isn't bad at all. I have no desire to get married merely to gain the perk of having sex for the first time on my wedding night.

Abstinence education is probably one of the main reasons that HPV is affecting nearly 50% of all women under the age of (insert researched age here... it's under 50, that's for sure), and generally, 30-odd percent of the US population. saying "abstain from sex till marriage" when marriage is a religious festival (mostly... the legal benefits are... arguable; that's why civil unions were invented!) implies that sex is a no no. it goes on and on. My beef with religion in this country is it's desire to control people of all religions, or lack thereof. HR 847 being a prime example. I could care less about christmas, in all honesty; but congress decided it was important. How about looking into the SUNDOWN CLAUSE of the US PATRIOT act, instead of SANTA CLAUS.

Am i being more clear, now?

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