re: This Letter, supposedly coined by Dr. Emanuel Tavay, a Pole during the Nazi internment of people in the region (and also in a concentration camp), author of "passport to life".

I have this to say:
Hitler, according to encyclopedia articles, initiated the "Final Solution" against the jews because he believed that they were causing all of the world's wars. Nevermind the fact that hitler was trying to landsnatch at the time and that tends to piss people off in the countries they are invading.

So his premise was: "This ethnic group/religious group is causing a lot of trouble, and they must be annihilated"

That was Hitler in 1941.

Now if you re-read the article linked above, and realize that the doctor who wrote it WAS a Pole in the holocaust who suffered for several years in a German prison because of the "Final solution", who watched his father die at the hands of Amon Goeth (the anti-hero of Schindler's List); I think you'll begin to see he's not speaking of Islam or Muslims. He's speaking OF US, in the United States.

There's a lot of anti-Islamic propaganda floating around, and most of it is being spouted off in Britain right now, because the Muslims who have emigrated there are trying to assimilate into that culture and it's causing a lot of issues.

It is wrong to say that all of a "set of people" is a certain way. You can't say that "all blacks are lazy" and that "all whites are trailer trash" or that "all Jews are good with money". You can not do that as a rational human adult.

All of this racial and religious tension is only being propagated by the opposing religious factions in the world. Namely Christian Vs Muslim.

What about we Americans that are peaceful and do not want to wage this war? we're in the majority. More than 60% according to polls do not want to be waging war in the Middle East. Or China. Or Africa.

There's a spin on his letter, and I have yet to find documented evidence that he wrote the letter in its entirety. It seems as though at least 2 people participated in writing it (note how it says 'this email' when the letter itself is presented as a letter for a newspaper or journal of some sort).

These, I believe, are very dangerous waters our country finds itself playing in.

As a side note, Weapons of Mass Destruction were found in Iraq by several Marine platoons and battalions. My roommate was telling me about all the stuff they found.. missiles, chemical delivery systems, rockets, stuff like that. Here's the kicker, all of the confiscated equipment from the Iraqi area bore the same three letters: "U S A". Now how'd Saddam get his hands on all those weapons? And why hasn't CNN et al told us of THOSE weapon caches? Why do those newsworthy tidbits get pushed back to the history books while we run around calling everyone that's Muslim an "evil-doer"?

We're the peaceful Germans during the Nazi takeover! WTF?

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